Friday, March 29, 2013

Call Center on the cloud in India for Logistics vertical

This time the story comes from a traditional business house, one of the well known companies in the logistics vertical in India.

The customer is one of the largest logistics and supply chain company in India. They have over 1400 vehicles, serving 1000+ locations across India. Being such a large organization also means that there are business which copy your brand name and try to get easy business. To ensure that they maintain their brand and also educate customers on which is the real company, the customer chose to brand its business with a unique phone number. The customer chose what is called as a Similar Number Solution ( Same 8 digits across cities but you can dial with the local STD code - popularly called as SNS or SBN) and had it forwarded to its local branches. Huge marketing campaigns were run and most of the users knew that the number is of this company. Now the challenge of having too much on the plate started and the management needed a product which can given them a birds eye view of the entire business(Calls) across branches and also audio recordings for monitoring these branches. The management had to decide whether a PBX will be sufficient or a Call Center solution is needed. They chose the best product in the market - Cloud Contact Center from our company ,Cloud Agent - . To know whether your business needs a contact center, please read our previous blog -  

The key challenges faced were - integrating their SNS number across branches to a single product, setting up a professional contact center for talking to the callers and unified view across branches to the senior management.

We provided them with our Cloud Agent solution for integrating their published number across branches and also help them setup a professional contact center in their head office - Delhi. Now, instead of multiple branches talking to their customers, a professional agent greeted the caller and took the survey appointments or the goods movement bookings. Also, we have integrated the customer website with our Click2Call feature. Apart from this, an automated outbound dialer was implemented for responding to unanswered calls.

Key Achievements:

  1. Customers are able to find the right help for their need resulting in 50% increase in customer satisfaction 
  2. Agents were able to handle 150% more calls than they were handling previously.
  3. Management audits were successful due to 100% audio recordings thus impacting customer satisfaction.
  4. Integration with the CRM system for capturing customer information enabling agents to handle calls faster and in a seamless manner
  5. All calls assigned to branches could get tracked by the management thus resulting in more business conversion.

This success story yet again proved that we have been able to migrate traditional businesses to the cloud and also that Cloud Agent is easy to adopt even in a life style business setup where the agents are used to answering calls on a PBX till date.

To know more, please email us. If you need a contact center, then you can get in touch with our sales team by email -   or call us on 1800 200 0820 .  

Monday, March 25, 2013

Key Data points to consider while setting up a call center in India

This article is intended for all those business users who are intending to set up a Contact Center and want to make objective decisions based on data. The data presented here is based on our experience of serving 150+ customers on our Cloud based Virtual Contact Center in India - 

If you are looking at factors to consider on whether you need a Call Center at all in the first place, you can read our blog -

By the time you finish reading this article, you should be able to calculate and decide on the number of agents required or number of PRI lines required or number of calls you can handle using a certain number of agents etc.

Based on our observation we have given averages across verticals ( We are lucky to be serving customers across 20+ verticals, for case studies - The key parameters that have been considered are efficiency of handling calls (% answered calls), Pickup times, Total handling time per day of an agent , wrapup times etc.

For an Inbound Contact Center, our observations are as given below: 

Wrap up Time is the time agent spends after the call on writing additional information etc about the call.

Call Handling time is Agents Talk Time + Wrap Up Time .

The conclusions you can draw based on this data is that a business requires its agents to work on its process as well along with taking the calls - hence agent utilization will not be more than 30-40% max. for an inbound contact center. So handling customer calls is only part of the contact center executives job. It is very important that you know what percentage of your agents time will go attending calls and what % is required to work in the process updating customer data - be it orders, deliveries or leads.

Based on this data, you should be able to estimate what are your call center needs. For example, if you need to receive 1500 calls with a success rate of 90% ( answer 90% of 1500 calls -1350), with an average duration of 3 minutes per call, agent utilization rates of 40% and total agent login time of 480 mins ( 8 hours) - You will need 21 agents approximately. With the same data but utilization of only 30%  - you will need 28 agents.  
To ensure that you can calculate your call center needs, we have given here a basic calculator which will tell you the number of agents required or number of calls you can handle for a given set of agents etc. You can access this calculator here -

Please do note that this is a basic calculator and does not consider queue times  etc. If you are a real pro, then simply google for a Erlang calculator and use one of the numerous calculators given on the web. In our next article, we will definitely provide our version of an advanced calculator.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Virtual Call Center for a leading bus ticketing & software solutions provider in India

Going ahead with the Cloud Agent success stories, we will cover one of the first movers to Cloud Agent ( ). 

The customer is well known in the bus industry across operators and users. They are one of the first and  pioneers in providing end-to-end software and other value added solutions for the Bus Transport Industry by leveraging the latest technologies. The company also provides technology solutions to more than 50 large private bus operators in India, 4 state transport corporations and 2 international operators. The end-to-end software solutions include e-ticketing systems, fleet management solutions, vehicle tracking systems, passenger information systems, logistics management backed by a 24x7 customer support centre.

They were operating support centers for all their bus operators. The key challenge for them was to identify to which bus operator the call is for and accordingly give a welcome message. Also visual feedback to the agent on the name of bus operator etc was not available and hence agents had to just say a " Good morning" instead of the desired " Good morning, welcome to xyz travels". 

Apart from this, for the state transport corporations providing Toll Free number integrations with a auto redundancy was a major challenge. Once the customer moved to the cloud, Ozonetel was able to offer backup routing from another city in case of the primary landing number ( PRI line ) going down. 

The key benefits derived are:
  1. Customer was able to run a call center with the same set of agents for multiple operators 
  2. Auto fail over for Toll Free Numbers 
  3. Intelligent IVR which recognizes the operator for whom the call is and accordingly plays the messages 
  4. Centralized reporting which gave management access to intelligent reports which helped in the scaling process. 

The customer was able to scale with our platform from a initial set of 5 agents to 120+ agents now. We are proud to have been able to help the customer scale at this level and also continue to serve them for the last 2 years. 

For a detailed case study, please download from - . Select the document as 'Travel'

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Cloud Contact Center Implementation for a leading Grocery e-tailer in India

The aim of every business will/should be to provide an excellent experience to their customers in every medium of communication with them and also ensure that it is unified across the channels - be it calls or email  etc. 

We will showcase how one of our customers, a leading grocery e-tailer in India has achieved this using Ozonetel's Cloud Agent product ( - The first & only Contact center product on the Cloud in India). 

The customer service department was facing a challenge in integrating Email support tickets, Call support tickets and their order management system info. which needs to be accessed by them during their numerous interactions with the calling customers. To ensure a high quality customer service, they needed a solution which could route calls, emails to agents and at the same time also integrate with a CRM which could store all the above data. We at Ozonetel, could easily identify the integration points with the CRM & Cloud Agent and implemented a solution in a very short span of time. The end result was a unified communications suite which was integrated with the CRM and the business was able to improve their customer service tremendously.

The results were mind boggling - a 50% increase in customer satisfaction ( This was measured based on number of customer complaints). Also the management was able to get a deep dive view of the entire customer service, thus enabling their decision making with objective data. 

Now, the customer has expanded to 2 more cities with the same system and no changes required. They are running a multi city contact center with a unified view across cities on how their business communications are functioning.

For a detailed case study, please download from - . Select the document as 'Grocery'