Saturday, April 21, 2012

Introducing Cloud Based Contact Center

Contact Center earlier use to be an option for any business providing customer services, but now with customers more aware and used to such services it has become mandatory. Domestic businesses with lower margin and higher volume, investing into setting up contact center is big overhead. Beside keeping up pace with changing technology and meeting customer expectation can be exhausting.  Cloud Contact Center services  precisely addresses all such business requirements, without hurting the business margins.

Ozonetel CloudAgent is an in-house developed platform, built for cloud contact center solution. It offers best of the breed technology and increased up time for your contact center at a very efficient pay as you use price.

CloudAgent Offers

  1. Inbound contact center with its Multi-tenant, Multi-location Intelligent routing capable ACD.
  2. Outboud Dialers (Preview and Progressive)
  3. Dynamic IVR,  any complex IVR can be implemented using any web application technology with simple Kookoo API's (
  4. Integrated SMS Gateway using Kookoo API
  5. Integrated Fax -  send and receive using Kookoo API
  6. Integrated Payment Gateway IVR for credit card payment collection
  7. CloudAgent API that provides beyond CTI capabilities to the platform for any third party system integration (CRM, Business application etc)
  8. Interaction Analyst, integrated web enabled contact center analytic tools that offer 360' view of your contact center process. It offer various online dashboards, more than 200 graphical and tabular reports and integrated voice logger. 
  9. Real-time dashboards provides the real time view of your contact center. All critical information such as queue status, abandoned call, agent availability and current performance, and much more is available online.

Key Advantage "Its built for Cloud"

No Servers to be installed,No wiring to be done, No weeks of purchase and provisioning , No Huge setup cost's...All of this and much more.

With Cloud Model in, provisioning PRIs, setting up ACD/IVR, setting up call loggers, installing phoneset are all things of past. Just sign up for CloudAgent and your contact center is up and running.

With Cloud Agent we have enabled customer call center's within 30 minutes inclusive of integration to their CRM, providing seamless experience to the customer.

Why Cloud Contact Center?

Factors Traditional Brick & Mortar Call center Virtual Call Center
Cost of running a call center CAPEX + AMC + Monthly rentals Monthly rentals with zero CAPEX
Minimum Agents 10 to 15 1    
Risk of Capital Very High as CAPEX once spent is gone Very Low
System Upgrades Have to be customized and done locally Centrally adminstered system
Change Management No instant upgrades for new features- Takes time Instant upgrades to all customers
Scale As you like & Pay as you scale NO OPTION LIKE THIS  Scale and shrink as per your business requirement
Instant Activation No- Activation time ranges from a week to 3 months Activation within 30 minutes 
  • Cost of running a call center:  There is a huge difference in the way you spend. A cloud based call center just needs a fixed rental to be paid where as the archaic variety require a CAPEX,AMC and sometimes monthly rentals as well. The positive cash flows which are triggered by the cloud model is a perfect fit for a small and medium businesses that always have priority of investing available cash flows in core business.
  • Low Risk of Capital: The risk of capital in a traditional model is huge since you are investing large amounts of money into a system and if it does not fit your business, the entire investment goes bad. In the cloud model you can choose your vendor wisely but still with a minimal ( almost zero) risk to your capital. What you lose if you do not like the system or want to change is maximum a month's rental. 
  • System Upgrades & Change Mangement: Change is one of the core components of any organization. The systems they use have to be agile and flexible to change. the change can be in processes,technology or also in location. The cloud model is agnostic to such changes and works the same in such an agile environment. 
    • USE CASE:A typical use case we came across was when one of our customers in a city had a power outage for 8 hours and their entire business was at risk. But since they were on our cloud based contact center, the calls were still routed to their executives at different   locations, on whatever available phones leading to zero downtime and business impact even in such a dire situation.
  • Scale as you like and Pay as you scale: Unlike the traditional model of spending a fortune to enable extra capacity ( which is required only for a temporary period) The cloud based contact center provides you the freedom to Scale as per your requirement and pay us only when you scale.
  • Instant Activation: No brick and mortar call center can be activated in a day where as on the cloud we will activate a call center for you on a hosted model in 30 minutes flat.  
So the way we see it, shifting to a cloud based contact center is not just a need but also a must for every business to improve their ROI, NRR and also to keep the constant focus on their core business, instead of spending resources and money in managing the contact center infrastructure.