Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Maintaining a Toll Free Number for your Inbound Call Center in India

Indian businesses have been on a exploration path in terms of customer communication. Every business running a support process goes through this. What should be the published number ? Should we take a Mobile, a Single Number solution or a Toll Free Number. What are the costs involved? Too many questions to be answered.....

In this article, we will discuss on what it takes to take a Toll Free Number and what are the advantages/disadvantages of choosing it? Some primary reasons when you should definitely go for a Toll Free Number:
  • When you are offering a service for which you need to attract more customers - especially when starting new or against an established player/competitor
  • When you have established a good business and customer base. Now, you want to offer better services to your customer on the phone free of cost
  • When your service should provide incentive's to callers - in scenarios like Grievance cells, Emergency numbers, Complaints etc
  • If you are an NGO and want to give callers a service without the caller paying anything.
Some advantages you get by taking a toll free number:
  1. Your business will have a single number across India by which you can operate on
  2. Branding becomes much easier 
  3. Redundancy is ensured
Some disadvantages you acquire in this process:
  • Operational expenditure of support goes up
  • Lot of nuisance calls might come - since it is a Toll free
  • You have to be conscious of the costs involved and continuously monitor the contact center
Suggestions we can give based on experience:
  1. Ensure that your Average Talk time is kept to a minimum
  2. Pick up times have to be optimal
  3. Nuisance calls should be blocked using your contact center software
  4. Have a very small IVR instead of a very lengthy one 
There are a lot more things you can do using a Toll Free Number. For further information,please contact us on sales@cloudagent.in or call us on 1800-200-0820. Visit us at http://cloudagent.in