Friday, September 7, 2012

The 360 degree support experience on the cloud

In this world of real time support expected by the customers, it is imperative that your support desk is enabled with the right tools. Given the various advantages of cloud which are being realized, it makes sense to move your support desk on to the cloud completely. To add one more feather in the cap, now cloud agent  can be integrated with Freshdesk as well. To know more, here's the link on how you can do that - . As you know, Cloud Agent is powered by KooKoo platform - and hence all that is given in the blog is possible with cloud agent as well.

When running a support system call center, we will need an IVR, a call center software and after call processing.
1. IVR: Cloudagent integrate well with KooKoo. Using KooKoo, you can build complex IVRs to provide proper treatment to your callers. The IVR can be deeply integrated with your systems to provide contextual information to caller.

2. Call Center: Cloudagent is the worlds first call center on the cloud. The state of the art agent toolbar, coupled with nifty features like screenpops, agent scripts etc allow the agent to handle the call with all the details of the caller presented to him.

3. After call processing: Once a call is finished, the disposition screen is presented and disposition reports are also available. There is also a well defined API support to push the call details into your CRM at the end of every call.

As you know, cloud agent is well integrated with various API's to any third party CRM systems and hence it is only a matter of choice now on how you want to integrate your voice support with the various options available for the CRM systems.To know more, you can contact us at or directly call us on 1800 200 0820.