Monday, January 28, 2013

Enterprise customers Vs Startup customers

Cloudagent has been flexible enough to cater to the contact center needs of both Startups as well as Enterprises. Because of this, we have had the good fortune of working with both kinds of customers. So, we are just putting in our thoughts of what is good and what is problematic about each kind of customer. Some disclaimers before we put up our thoughts.

1. There are no good or bad customers. Any company which puts their trust in you is good enough in our books. The list below, more or less captures the times we felt happy or sad when dealing with each type of customer.

2. The list below is very specific to our product which is a contact center product. It may not be applicable to any other product or any other company.



So, to put it in a nutshell, Startups decide fast and are willing to take the risk with you, whereas Enterprises are more slow in decision making, but once they decide, they stick with you and pay well.